3Dresyns ENG1 and UHT comparison

I have now printed several litres of the UHT (Ultra Hard and Tough) material. I am VERY impressed by that, even without the tank heater and wiper and having to use “open” mode its vastly superior to ANY of the Formlabs materials as a general engineering material. The surface finish and print ability is fantastic using “Clear Version 2” as the setting in Preform.

I bought a l litre of their ENG1 material two weeks ago, and I am even more impressed. I checked sample printed test bars and before any further post cure UV exposure have got results for the UTS of around 80mpa. I never thought that a non reinforced 3d printed material would achieve anything like that. Surface finish and printability is excellent (equal to UHT) - Its not quite as flexible but still has flex and shows very little brittleness

I intend to try it again today after post cure treatment. They (3Dresyns) have suggested 395nm at 20mw/cm2 at 40c for 1 hour)

Again, I AM VERY IMPRESSED the material properties are fantastic. Have Formlabs anything similar in the pipeline (a new resin from them?) which will allow me (the person who paid good money to own the printer) the same functionality during printing as one of their other resins (Cartridge, wiper, heater). It would be good to use all the features of MY printer.

Just wish that I did not have the limitations of “open” mode…

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What about the dimensional accuracy ?

VERY good, equal to the best I have seen from Formlabs, which is not surprising as 3Dresyns told me that it will print down to 10um layer thickness

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The Engineering material looks very good. Which of the 2 would you recommend for using with small thin features?

There is a way to solve that problem. Are you based in europe?

Did you try elevated temperatures? Still need to find a good resin that’s not brittle as the high temp but can handle 140 Celsius.

Would you say they are less brittle than Formlabs Standard resins? How about compared to Tough?

All the resins I have tried from 3Dresyns are less brittle than the nearest equivalent by Form labs - they are not full of foam either.

I do live in Europe - very interested to know how to get round open mode and be able to use the wiper and heater (at the very least)

How’s the smell when you print, compared to the Formlabs stock resins?

Very little smell (from either type) certainly no more than Formlabs resins. The best thing is the performance, as I said before both have really impressed me.

Did you use the resin right out of the bottle or do you have to mix it with the “print quality fine tuner kit FT12”?
I just need the clear material.

The resin printed great out of the bottle (both types) I did use the FT1 tuner to improve the detail on a very fine detailed part in UHT (very small, thin and intracate) That part was impossible to print in Formlabs resin with really good resolution (first tried clear, tough and durable, all failed to give the detail) Upon the advice of someone at 3Dresyns I followed their “fine tuning” instructions and they worked really well.

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Thank you. Good to know.

Did you try their “HTR “High Temperature Resistance” UHT “Ultra Hard and Tough”” as well?

I need something that withstands -40C to 140C. Current formlabs resins deform in our application >100C and the high temp resin made by formlabs is too brittle to use.

Can you share pictures of your prints?

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