Photocentric3D retailer in the USA?

Hey everyone,

I’ve been looking to try out this resin, but am really disappointed to see there are no retailers in the US! Does anyone know of anywhere I can get it that would ship to the US?

Edit: There aren’t any US retailers, but Photocentric has said there will be in the very near future.

Even with shipping to US the cost of 6 liters is less than 2 liters from FL.

They are an Anglo American company with an office in the US, you should be able to find the US outlet (I assume there is one).

They are north of Phoenix, just Google photo centric usa

Photocentric USA (aka Photocentric Inc) are stamp manufacturer, not the same company.

I totally missed that I could just buy from them and get it shipped here. For some reason the first time I looked at it, I thought I had to find a retailer. Oops!

Can we use this on the Form2 open mode then?

Works fine on form2 on formlabs grey resin setting. There’s some discussion about it on my 1/6 viking post in projects and prints.

Yes, they are one in the same, one of the largest resin makers in the world…l have been using photopolymer plates for 20 years…try

Sort of! As Jason said, see his Viking post for more information.

Essentially the plan is to just pour the Photcentric resin into an empty Form2 resin cartridge. This way the wiper and all that jazz still works. You don’t need to actually put it in open mode.

You can order direct from the UK to the US, there is no US Distributor, although there is a Mexican one listed at the foot of the store page

The $ to £ exchange rate is in your favour at the moment as well. I just ordered some UV Hard resin to try on my 1+

Not really. I just checked they prices, and including shipping, 2Kg of resin would cost £120, which should be about $160. However, PayPal exchange rates are pretty bad, and will probably be in the $175 range.

Additionally, 2Kg of resin, translates into about 1.7 Liters.

I can buy 2 liters of resin from MakerJuice, and the cost would be $155 shipped.

So this may be a good deal for someone in the UK or EU, but not for me in the US.

Just talked to a lovely English gentleman in Phoenix. They are actually moving to a bigger facility in a couple of months, so everything should be available end of yearish…but he is going to look into having some of the resin shipped over here sooner, they will be manufacturing in Phoenix for those of you brave enough to try cross polination…I’ll will eagerly await your experiments;)))

Does the Maker Juice work well in the Form 2 (no open mode)?

Nothing but good results with the firm grey.

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Do you know the density of this stuff? Or where I can find it?

I ve tried the cast wax from maker and wasn’t able to get a single print with the form 2.
I tried with cast, clear ang grey settings… it would nevere stick to the build Platform.

Not for the Photocentric resin. I just used a specific gravity of 1.12 which is average for most of the basic resins from FormLabs, so assuming a similar density, 1 Kg = 0.89L.

I don’t know if it works or not, I used it on Form 1+ and it works fine.

Perhaps someone else that tried it in a Form 2 can chime in.

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I tried the firm grey UV resin using 100micron grey setting in the Formlab2, the results were great. Now they are also selling in USA, so much easier. I will try other colors soon and update you guys about the results!

This are the prints I made with the firm grey UV resin from photocentric :