Peeling process rips print

Hi All,

So I tried to print this TRex head and it was going really good! Sadly after 23 hours of printing the final part of the print was ripped by the peeling process. I have noticed that the peeling process produces a bit of a bang where it seems like the cured layer sticks to the bottom if the resin tray but thought nothing of it. Now its seems that it actually managed to destroy my print, its the only explanation of have for the damage in the print.

Thoughts? Anyone else seen something like this ?



It’s common for the suction exerted on the model during the peel to damage the print. FL is supposed to be working on solutions to minimize the traction forces on the model suck as changing the speed of the peel and softening the PDMS layer in the tray. Check out the thread I started at

Serge, I would encourage you to send us the model so we can take a look. Drop us a message at and we would be happy to help.