Pause "Support Quality" calculations while editing supports

If I’m editing supports on a large or complex model, removing a single support or arch causes a 6-10 second delay followed by ~10 seconds of lag before I can remove another support. It’s not a PC issue, I’m using a hex-core at 3.5Ghz. I would really like to edit multiple supports and then click an “update support quality” button. It would reduce my time in PreForm to a fraction of what it is now. Thanks for your consideration!

I have a quad-core @ 2.4 ghz and large complex models are only a second two delay, but I don’t think it is the support quality’s fault because I can interrupt that by deleting or adding another support. Does yours not interrupt?

Hi James,

you can continue adding or removing supports without waiting for the calculation to finish. It will restart the calculation every time you modify something.

Regards, Manuel

I can and do edit supports while calculation is taking place, and removal of a new support does interrupt the previous calculation. However I have to wait a few seconds between each removal, and the lag is significant. I’d like to remove all the arches from a model, but with ~6 seconds between each support it becomes a tedious task. To be fair, I’m working on very complex models; proteins with thousands of atoms and neurons. It’s not a problem on smaller models. I just think being able to choose when the calculation takes place would be a really useful modification to the PreForm software. Thanks for your replies Manuel and Josh =)

@James_Drake, I am trying to improve my preform setup process, and I’m just curious why you are removing the support arches. Does it help reduce print failure on your part, does it help make it easier to remove the supports, what is it?

@Christopher_Hanks, I’ve found that arches are often unnecessary and waste resin. Sometimes arches will be created that connect two distant supports that don’t really need it.  Short supports don’t bend without arches, taller supports without arches are more likely to fail. With other models I’ve removed most of them and still had successful prints. Removal of supports from the model is also much easier because the supports can be cut at the base with a scalpel first, which is useful when there is a dense forest of supports and you need to get at the ones in the center.

@James_Drake, Thanks for the info, it’s very helpful!