Parts 'nesting'

Im about to print a Sopwith Camel model I quickly put together for my 2 year old daughter, a mock Lalaloopsy aircraft. Now…I have not seen anywhere about multiple parts unless they are on the build platform and clear of other parts. There doesnt appear to be a ‘stack’ function for the Form 1…is this for a reason? I am going to experiment in any case with a simple quartered sphere, stack the parts and export as a single .stl.

Cheers Ant

You could just keep adding parts in Preform? Spread them out over the x-y build area? Or, do you mean that you want to also add parts vertically within the build volume?

Hi Temujin,

yeh vertically mate. I am trying out a quartered sphere tonight. I will have to stack them and export as a single .stl The only thing I will have to watch is the support generation and where they end up in world space versus the mesh.

How’d vertical stacking go? With the internal supports feature in the new versions of Preform it seems like what you want to do could be possible?

Didnt get time mate, too busy laying floor boards in a kitchen for the wife. Will have a go at it tonight and let you know when the print is finished.

Yes, that’s the current pathway, Anthony. PreForm will generate supports between any meshes in a single STL – but not between different STL files.

Thanks Sam.

will have a crack tonight :slight_smile: made my first ‘true’ model for the wee lass. Will hopefully turn out like a proper model kit :slight_smile:

Ok the stacking of parts failed…it seems to warp the geo of the models when printing. Though the model itself was not ‘heavy’ the pulling action when printing warped the model parts. I have noticed in 2 other models I have printed, hollowed and did a cut and punch in Magics, wasnt a good result. The 2 halves of each model were warped (no stacking), holes and pins didnt lie up well and the parts did not merge well at all. Usually the ;hole’ side is a nice planar face but the ‘pin’ side ended up with a lot of residue and when the 2 halves were put together, I have had to go by putty to fill the gap. Gaps range from 0.5-1mm, this is going to make my job very hard from now on in. Im also still getting the 'motion blur; lines on prints, basically uou can see the layers where the laser has set the resin off. Some models arent bad others are very noticeable, so a smooth surface actually is rough.

I was going to start sculpting my own characters and learn how to resin cast in a couple of months, I dont think that will be possible now. The flaws in the prints will mean a very large amount of handwork, somehting I was hoping to avoid. A wee bit of sanding and polishing is something I would expect, but as it is Im not sure the Form1 will do the job. Anyone else had issues like this?

Cheers Ant