Fuse 1 - Preform Nesting

Hi there! We have the Fuse1 now for a couple of Weeks and are very happy with it! Although Preform is nice, a proper Nesting-Solution is missing desperately! It takes so much time to place all the parts by hand. But “pack models” does not really do a good job either…
Sintratec has some features in their nesting that i like (and it seems their algorithm does make quite a good job: Nesting Deep Dive – Learn the full potential of the Sintratec Nesting Solution! - YouTube

Or do you know/use a good external solution?

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Hi Roman,

We’re so glad to hear that you are enjoying your Fuse 1! I am more than happy to pass along your suggestion to the appropriate channels, but also have a tip in the meantime that might be helpful: by going to the Layout tool, use the Array feature to stack parts on any axis. You can adjust the spacing between parts down into the negatives to get your parts as close as possible in order to maximize how many you can print in one go. Although there is a minimum spacing requirement between parts, PreForm will let you know if you get too close by highlighting your parts in red. I hope this Array information is helpful, please let us know if we can assist further!

Hi Corey! Thank you for your answer! The array feature ist nice, but whats taking the most time ist having 30 different parts of various shapes and sizes and a million ways to stack them into eachother. Maybe Part 3 can be nested inside that big Part 1… maybe its better to lay Part2 flat and have exactly enough space for Part 4 next to it… maybe not… maybe…
It is cool that I can place all big Parts as i like it, then select all the small Parts and let them Pack around the big Ones… But it seems the argorythm is still quite limited… I’m doing a much better job in packing… but I also have other things to do:)

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Hi @Roman_Jurt ,

Thank you for clarifying! While I agree that it would be very helpful to have a more robust nesting feature, it is something that I am sure our Software team will be striving to improve as time goes on. I do like your method of manually packing the larger parts and then letting the algorithm fit the smaller parts in where there is space! If I have any other updates or come across more helpful methods I will be sure to share them. Thanks for taking the time to share what has worked for you!

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