Optimal way to nest parts

Hi, on our Form2 we are looking at the optimal way to nest the most amount of parts in our build volume.

See attached image showing 3 nested parts, ideally we would like to nest more.

Can anyone advise on the optimal placement schema for parts like these?


What about packing them vertically and having the supports on the side ? You’d be able to fit a lot more in.

well you still need to tilt them so the resin runs off, right?

this setup seems like it might be better.

shorter print time (about 8 hours) and fits in one extra part.

  • i turned the pocket down so it should drain better.


One of the more challenging aspects of orienting parts like this is PreForm doesn’t adjust for support intersections. The supports that intersect through parts will be a bit more challenging to remove, and will likely need to be cut away. These look like relatively flat parts, so that might not be too much of an issue here.

Generally, increasing the X/Y cross-section of your parts will optimize for print time, and increasing the Z height of your parts will optimize for part packing.

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