Packing and shipping a Form 2

Has anyone tried packing and shipping their Form 2? We’re moving and want a safe way to pack it so it’s not damaged during shipping.

Wish we kept the box and original shipping material.

Would be great if there was a guide available from Formlabs or someone here who’s tried it out.

Might be worth contacting support and seeing if you can purchase their packaging or post an ad on here to buy it, I assume someone would be willing to give it to you for just the cost of shipping.

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That’s why they recommend keeping the packing material, I have my box in the corner if I ever need to move it again.

Get some plastic wrap material and use that to wrap around the printer to keep the cover from moving around. Then put it in some kind of bag. Find a box that’s big enough, and you may try and wrap it in a blanket and put it in the box since you won’t have the styrofoam inserts.

It looks like you can request replacement packaging from support for $35.

After contacting them they’ll add it to your cart in the Form store if you have an account. There are repacking instructions here:

Additional steps they highlighted:

  1. Allow up to 30 minutes to complete all repackaging steps.

  2. Remove the build platform and store it somewhere secure.

  3. Remove the cartridge and store it as well.

  4. Remove the resin tank and wiper and store them in a secure, dark area.

  5. It is very important to carefully inspect your printer for any resin spillage before repackaging. Double check the tank area and inside, below the optical window. *

Thanks for the suggestion @gjgomes!