Need to pack & move Form3

Hello, I need to move my Form3. What are the steps involved in doing this? Will I lose the resin tank and materials in it? I do still have the original boxes.
Thanks for any guidance!

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Hi @ronwborawski,

If you still have the original packaging for your printer, I would remove the tank, build platform, power cable and cartridge and then put the printer inside the packaging. You can transport the build platform, cartridge, and tank in their respective packages as well; be mindful that if there is resin inside any tanks to keep them as horizontal as possible as to not spill. Alternatively, you can pour the resin into a container (e.g. tupperware) and keep it covered and out of direct sunlight so that it doesn’t start to cure. Please dispose of this container after the fact as it will no longer be food-safe.

If you don’t have the original packaging, then just being as mindful as possible to keep it upright and not bumped into or toppled during the move, then you will likely be all set. Please reach out with any further questions if you have them!

Thanks Corey!

I do have the original package so that works but how do it remove the tank?

Hi @ronwborawski,

Here is a short section on how to insert a tank, but you can just inver the process by grabbing either side of the tank and pulling the tank towards you. Please always be sure to put the tanks back into their carrying cases and attaching the amber cover so ambient light does not begin to cure the liquid resin (Skip to 1:25 in the video).

Thanks, much appreciated!

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Happy to help! Best of luck with the move.

Before you move a Form 3 any distance, you have to lock the IPU inplace with the locking bar and two thumb screws that came with the printer.

See this page


Hi @billb,

Thank you so much for that addition, it had completely slipped my mind! Although you likely don’t need to re-attach the lock to move a printer from room to room, it should be reinstalled for any big moves.

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