Form1 moving

I moved my form1 to where my exhibition is held a few days back. I didn’t want to pour resin in resin tank back to virgin material and certainly didn’t want form1 to travel with resin in it, so i just carried the whole resin tank on my lap, extra carefully, covering the tank with newspaper and balancing during acceleration and stops. It was a cloudy day and total exposure time(without newspaper covered) was around a few minutes or so and this is what happened. I used the printed strainer thing to get the cured layer and debris out of the tank. Just wanted to share it. Is there smarter ways to travel with resin full of resin tank?

Until you get your second bottle of resin to have a spare, get a plastic bottle and paint it black.

a black plastic bag will work for the tank so what’s left in it won’t go bad on you when you mix it back together.

Just a thought.

Also clouds don’t block UV rays, so you got just as many UV’s as on a sunny day. You’re setting up a thin film of resin by exposing it.

Aluminum foil…?

There are cheaper alternatives (i.e. “black out bags/containers”), but I’m really curious to know if ‘amber bags’ used in UV sensitive medical supplies might work. I can’t think of a reason why not …

The benefit to using amber bags might be you could store the resin bottle in a manner such that you could easily read the label without taking it in/out of a blacked out bag and/or the shipping box it came from at Form. This might be advantageous if you had all three different resin types for example … and were doing a lot of printing across a few different machines … although, admittedly this might be easily solvable by just labeling/marking each black out bag/S&H container … ok, I admit it, the amber bags just seem cooler, aesthetically speaking. :wink:

However, you might also use these bags to store any finishing tools such that the resin doesn’t accidentally cure on them? reducing cleaning time, and otherwise easily identifying what’s what … also possibly use some of it to cover the tank during transport?

Just an idea, and something to try (for science), perhaps.