Clear resin shipped with clear bag, not "black out" bag?

Any reason why Form is shipping clear resin in a clear bag (see attached pic)? I personally prefer the “black out bags” over this clear pouch … perhaps it’s to match the clear color with the bag?? (wouldn’t make sense for gray or white recipes though) … or perhaps it’s just what they had on hand?

I usually store my resin containers inside the original cardboard container in the original bag, and in a dark area to protect it from light source. It’s probably overkill, really.


Just checked and my grey resin ordered less than a couple weeks ago, has a gray sticker on the black out bag. Nice!

I’ve been writing the resin color on the cardboard boxes exterior in sharpie as well.


No grey sticker on mine but my clear comes in clear and grey in black, probably just makes it easier for them to keep separate.

And yeah storing in all of that does sound like overkill but if it makes you feel better go for it.

My resin bottles are just sitting on the table beside me, but I don’t have any windows and a liter only lasts a couple weeks anyway.

I can’t help asking, LOL

but don’t you guys have any other problems than the transparency of the bags of the resin container?

The bottle is black and keeps the light away, that’s enough, isn’t it?


You are right, the bottle is what prevents the UV light from curing  the resin.  The bags are just for shipping.

Not that it matters … but the container is not black, it’s a dark brownish color.  Not sure on the material composition of the bottle or its thickness, but one would suppose it be sufficient to keep UV out as designed … but hey, resin is not cheap, and UV is not in the visible spectrum.

Experiment: Someone should leave a bottle of $150 resin outside over an extended period of time to see what happens.


Well, the orange cover on the Form1 itself is ‘clear’ and just the orange tint is enough to keep the resin from curing unless the laser hits it, so I wouldn’t worry too much about how it looks to the naked eye-- all about the UV blocking properties of the material above all else.