Overhang breaks out

On the pictures you can see my PreForm file and the element I printed twice but both prints failed. I had cleaned the tank before I started printing. I used the black resin, a layer thickness of 0.1 mm, a density of 0.6 and a point size between 0.65 – 0.8 mm.

This is the first print:

After the first print failed I checked my print and compared it with the PreForm file. My first thought was I forgot the support structures below the overhang. So I rotated the element a little bit and added the additional support structures.

I started the second run with the modifications but this print failed too. You can see the wall broke out altough the support structures were printed.

Additionally you should know that there is a hollow profile at the backside. The problem will not be solved if I turn around the element, because there is an overhang too.

Before I start the third run I would like to hear your opinion.
Do you gain experiences to print overhangs? Maybe the wall thickness of 6 mm could be too big. Should I use other settings or an other model orientation? Is it possible that there is a problem with the laser?

From the streaks on the print I’d consider a mirror clean (if you know your tank is good). And perhaps filter your resin if you haven’t done so already. The file itself looks ok to me.

I agree that this could be due to optics or an old resin tank. I would also recommend writing into our support team so they can help resolve this for you.


Thanks for your help. I found residues on the tank.

For the third run I chose an other print position on the build platform. The print was successful.

Hi, could you show the print position you used?

For the first two runs I used this position:

After I found residues in the middle of the tank near the hinge side I used this position:

I had that a couple of times. It happens if you get a tiny piece of layer stuck to the pdms and usually on large peel areas.

More of an angle helps. May want to toss a couple more supports and rotate it on z so the cup side is facing towards the front rather than the side. It might do the trick.

Part I had that kept doing that, more angle and rotating it 180 on z did the trick here.

Forgot to mention, you have a tiny post on that shape, have that facing up so there is less clean-up.