I am not sure what is happening but it seems like an over curing issue. I am using Gray Pro. Hundreds of prints later all of a sudden this issue has come up. I am using a brand new BP, brand new LT tank, and a brand new cartridge (this is the third print, but all the prints have had this same sort of over curing issue. almost like the laser spot size is 2mm instead of 0.14mm). I have wiped the glass with PecPads as suggested so it cannot be a diffusion issue. Is it possible that one of the updates has set the laser cure time too high for the gray pro resin. Also other than this over curing on certain sections of every print making parts useless, the supports are over cured as well. Its impossible to break them off. I’ll try another print to get more detailed photos right on the build plate but any suggestions?

There are mirrors inside the printer that steer the laser, below that glass panel you wiped down. They get dirty, too. They “haze” and diffuse the beam, causing the problem you are seeing. You need to take your printer apart and clean those mirrors, too. There are instructions in the support area that explain how to do this. You must follow them. The mirrors are very delicate and easy to damage because the reflective coating is on the front of the glass, not the back.

oh wow ok thanks man. I’ll try to find those.

I agree with Randy_Cohen. I have run into this problem with Form 2 as well, and cleaning the internal mirrors was a huge help.

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