Oval Holes


Hello I’ve made a print and the holes are coming out rather oval by about 0.2mm is there anything i should look at?
The one image was how the part was orientated.


Was that on a Form 2 or Form 3?


it was the form 3 at 0.05mm layer height


from reading else where the form 3 is having difficulties so i checked that i had the latest firmware but I only have the v1 resin tank at the moment


You’re not doing anything wrong. Other users are having the same issues with Grey on the Form 3, take a look at the misshapen circular openings in this post:

Formlabs has improved the results for this resin since the Form 3 was released, but they still have a little ways to go.

In the meantime, I’m certain if you’re able to print this in Black v4 resin you’ll get better results. Also make sure you’re using the latest Preform and firmware.


ahh thanks I’ve read most of them posts, and brought the black resin. I’ve found that the features that are in the XY plane are spot on (or within what i expect it to be) whereas the features in the Z plane are all skew is there a way to calibrate/tune the Z axis?.

The printer is levelled quite well.


Yep that’s pretty much what I’ve seen. I don’t think there’s any sort of Z-Calibration on the Form 3 at this point. If it’s worse near the build platform, you could try moving the model a little further from the base by tweaking the advanced options in the Generate Supports dialog (i.e. longer supports). But I wouldn’t get my hopes up too high. Even the Form 2 doesn’t always produce completely perfect circles. One pragmatic solution is to undersize the hole then drill it out to size after the fact.


Im interested to know what brand of calipers the form-team uses… is it an off the shelf one, a high quality one, does it matter?..just intrested to know the best of the best tools the big brains use…


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