Orientation of large flat parts

Hey all, new to SLA printing but have a Form 3L on the way. We’re looking to print samples of large extruded aluminum parts and I’m not sure what the best orientation would be in these cases. Would I want to print with the large flat surface on the build plate that would create a large area for the peeling forces? Would I want to print vertically for easier peeling but have all the weight on a smaller surface? Or is it worth the extra resin and hours to tilt the model and just have a ton of supports?

I would choose the picture #2. I know it’s the longest print.
But it also depends of the surface finish needed.
Maybe trying to turn 90° on the smaller end, of the picture #3?
I wish you good 3d printing and welcome to you! :slight_smile:

I would also print #2. Or at least #2 with a slight tilt in one axis.

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I would also print as per print 2 but print it directly on the build platform. If the z dimension is important you can adjust the z correction compression in Preform.

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mee too on #2 although not directly on the build platform.

Thanks for the tips everyone. Looks like the consensus is #2 so I guess I’ll start there.

I’ve found a large flat print will warp in post cure if printed flat on the build plate (actually print on short standoffs so I cut those to remove the part). Printing as a 45 deg angle stopped the warping but does add a lot to print time and waste resin.

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