Printing thin, flat, and large part

I am looking for some suggestion and guidance in printing thin and flat and large part on Form 3L, specifically on how to orient the part

(I never have much good experience printing thin flat part on formlab before and face several warping issue in the past and is looking for some additional inputs here)

Example below:

What will be the ideal orientation when this part?
Option 1: Print vertical, directly on bed

Option 2: Print vertical, with support below

Option 3: Print vertical, with slight tilt

Option 4: Print flat, directly on bed

Option 5: Print at angle


I would have tried something in-between option 2 & 3 or possibly having it laying down, almost flat on the long edge facing down will require lots of supports though.

How this print is orientated depends on which faces need to be smooth and which can carry support marks. Option 1 will give the maximum smooth faces.

Hi @ZWei,

As others have mentioned, the ideal part orientation will depend on which surfaces of the part you would like to preserve, free from support marks. With that said, for the best chance of success, I would consider either #5 or flipping the part upside-down from #5 to keep the protruding surfaces a bit closer to the platform. I would recommend looking over Model orientation best practices for SLA printing for further guidance.

Thanks a lot for the input
My main intention will be keeping the warpage at a minimum level .

Flipping the part upside down is an interesting suggestion, will take a look on that

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