Best Orientation

Good Morning Community,

we have parts to print and not sure how to place the part.
It needs to be a “perfect” print and less touch up.
Any idea will be appreciated.

Thank you very much in advance.

Best regards
Peter Figge

Have the flat side down and have the part angled so that one corner is lower, have a number of supports on that corner and then have a good spread of supports along the bottom with a few supports on some of the sides for stability. As long as you only have supports on the flat parts it’ll be super easy to sand, especially if you use something like a micro sander you can get it clean in a few minutes.

Orienting and supporting prints can be a bit of an art in itself, and you should check out this video which goes over some of the main principles to keep in mind. For this, I’d orient it with the opening facing the platform at a 45 degree angle in the X and Y axis. This would likely print well with supports on those top-most edges which could be more easily cleaned afterwards.

Thank you so much for your inputs.

Tha print went through and looks good :slight_smile:

Bets regards