Problems with manually orienting parts

I have a 50*50 mm flat plate like part with 5 mm thickness. It has small holes along the thickness, so I tried to orient it flat and holes along the z axis, but all the time I get my first printing layer of the model very uneven (First layer of the model, not the first layer of the entire print). It was printed in DURABLE resin. Kindly advice, thanks.

Flat surfaces facing the build plate can build up resin and cause the uneven finish you’re seeing. The best orientation is normally at about 45 degrees (standing the part on a corner).

It takes longer to print but the quality is much better.

I just printed some Star Wars death star trench tiles.They are flat.I found that orienting them at a 45 degrees in both the z and x axis is the best way to print them-they are completely flat with that orientation.When I tried printing them parallel to the print bed they were a little bent

Thanks you for the suggestion, but the reason why I oriented it like that is because it has very small through holes that are less 1 mm diameter. Do you think I can get that well defined in 45 degree oriented part ?

yes I think the holes will be fine.I 3d printed some very small parts with holes going through them and they printed perfectly even angled at 45 degrees.

here is a 1/8 radio I printed.The holes in the radio and the buttons are perfect even though it was printed at 45 degrees. I used to do the 1 click printing, but now I experiment manually with the orientation.

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Thanks a lot.

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