Orientation advice for tubes with internal structures

i am printing tubes with different internal structures and I have always printed with an angle in the X and Y axes,

but i was asking myself if printing directly in the build plate would be a better option and wanted thoughts about it…
here is an image of the build plate. with the first layer next to it

any recommendations would be nice.

You’ll have to correct for Z compression, for sure. Other than that (and maybe the difficulty in getting it to properly separate from the build plate without chipping the part, I don’t see too many problems with that.

z compression? you dont think that would risk to detach from the build plate?
thanks for the quick answer

Maybe read through https://support.formlabs.com/s/article/Advanced-Support-Structure-Settings?language=en_US#compression-correction

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My take would be to print vertically, but on supports, instead directly on the build platform, because of all the vertically oriented tubular sections on the base. Preform might try to give you a bunch more supports than you need or the top area; all you really need there are a decent number of support touch points on the flat faces that are facing straight down, the, uh, bosses(?) around the bolt holes (?). If you need the bottom end to be really flat, you might need to pad that end model with an extra millimeter or so, not to deal with Z compression (since you’ll be on supports), but so that you can sand away the rounded surface you’ll get from printing a flat face parallel to the build platform.

It also may depend on what your goals or the print/part are - fidelity of the internal structures, straightness of the tube, parallelism of the end faces/flanges, circularity of the bore? Are you having trouble printing the parts at the angled orientation, or do you just want to find an orientation that prints better and/or uses less support material?

hello ike,
actually i have printed the part one time already in an angle position like a X/Y of 20°/20°
i wanted to find the best orientation, and vertical is interesting for me as if it really reliable i could print several at the same time, the issue i have with a vertical position is that preform puts small supports inside the structure (sadly i cant use supports inside…). i could send you the file to have a look if you want.


I’m pretty curious what the internal structure actually looks like, but depending on the geometry, you might be able to get a good print by orienting vertically, auto-supporting, and then editing the supports to remove some or all of the supports that would mess up the structure.

if you want i can send you the file but as it is a big file it is complicated from the forum, the last time i had an issue like this one of your collegues send me a link to upload the file.

That might have been a Support person, I don’t have a go-to method for that (though maybe I should figure one out). Perhaps you could use OneDrive, Google Drive, or DropBox?

Just made in 3d software your own supports 0.6 mm cylinders on 2 mm plate that is on build plate, also tilt a little your object, everything will be fine, been there done that although I made small mistake and begin model platform very close to plate that is based on build plate so it was difficult to cut it… closest part at least 3mm far from plate.!

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