Open the .form file format

Remember how everyone hated M$ for keeping it’s Office formats proprietary? How it made interacting with documents produced by their applications very difficult? How developers using other Operating Systems had to reverse engineer the formats just to be able to open and view - nevermind edit and save these documents? Eventually they learned it was not in their best interest, and opened up the specification.

Similarly, the Form1 and it’s .form format are basically a black box - just like Office documents were. Currently, if formlabs has not written the software for your system, there is no using the device. If Formlabs would publish the .form file format, others would write software for them, adding support for other OSes (like Linux and *BSD), and Formlabs would not have to pay for that development. It’s not clear to me how keeping this data close to the vest is benefiting Formlabs in any way. It’s certainly not benefiting those of us who do not use Windows or Mac as our primary systems. Now, it’s likely that Netfabb licensing is a factor in the geometry creation aspect, but as for file format and upload protocol - I cannot imagine how those aspects are not able to be opened up.

What say you, @Formlabs?

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They won’t do it.

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