Opening .FORM files saved on Mac with a PC?

My office uses Mac, while the shop I’m working with prints from PC. I’ve been playing with PreForm to have a bit more control over the placement of support structures, but the guy at the shop wasn’t able to open the .form file.

Is it possible to open a .form file saved on Mac on a PC?

Hi @latenitecereal,

Thanks for reaching out! .form files should be able to be used on a Mac or PC regardless of which OS was used to make it. This is likely an issue with too old or too new of a version of PreForm to properly read the file that was created by another user. Please check to see that they are on the same (or at least very close) version of PreForm and open a support ticket if the issue persists for further assistance. I hope this helps!

Thanks, it’s not a huge issue as my use of preform is mainly to just verify how things should be coming out before sending the STLs

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Hey @latenitecereal,

Sounds good to me; if you do find the issue persisting that would be the place to start. Take care!

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