Open Mode on formlabs form 12/16/23

I have just started printing in open mode on my Form 2… my only issue with it is that it stops after 100ml even though i believe its got 250ml in the tank

Is there a way to disable that or adjust it?

Hi @jcamper ,

Thanks for reaching out! Printing in Open Mode disables all of the automation features and requires the user to be a bit more hands-on, so it is strange to hear about the printer stopping itself after a certain amount of resin was dispensed or used.

If the printer is throwing any sorts of error or warning message, please take a photo of it or, instead, a video of the behavior you are seeing. You can then open a ticket with our Support Team who can take a closer look at what might be causing this behavior.

I have a Form 2 and I ran it on Open Mode. Mine has a setting and a message stating it will pause at 100ml for refill. Which requires someone to pour more resin in and hit start again to continue printing.