Odd Casting Incident

Hello all,

New to the forum. I haven’t! had much time to search the forum for anything like this but thought I would post to see if anyone out there has any suggestions on what could have caused this type of “issue”. We are still trying to nail down our casting process (for resin)… some days we get reasonable results while others end up not so great. This is of course was a “not so great result”. The investment seems to have ended up inside the shank of the ring. We have never seen anything like this and cant wrap our heads around how it could have even happened. There was metal all the way around the investment pocket (which itself was a perfect rectangle!) And the pocket of investment seems to be larger than the hollowed out section near the location of the issue… otherwise I would say it was just a piece from there that broke off. The ring design itself had no cavities in that particular area.

We are using R&R Plasticast and Castable Wax Resin V1.

Thanks in advance for any helpful suggestions.