Not Printing Properly

Hello All,

I am new to the forums and this is my 1st post here.

I am trying to print a simple mobile case designed as the below images

When printing the parts come out like this

I don’t know exactly what the problem is, is it resin gone bad, not enough support structure or too thin walls (2.1mm)?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Can you provide a form file or an screenshot of your PreForm setup?

Unfortunately I altered it and running the printer once again. But, the original was a simple setup with the back of the case horizontally placed.

Now I am tilting it a bit and then printing. Lets see how it comes out. Will post the results when its done.

It sort of looks like it was printed laying flat. Having rounded corners and laying flat will do that to my stuff too. Stand it up and recline it slightly, then generate supports. That should work. But I would like to see a screenshot too.

Thanks JoshK, it printed properly after reclining it

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Can you describe the principle behind reclining or angling parts to maximize printing success?

Hey Bill. Angling parts reduces the amount of total area per layer, thereby lowering the amount of force required to separate the part from the tank between each layer. For fragile or thin parts, this separation force can be enough to deform or destroy them even when properly supported.

Check out our support page on Model Orientation for more detail and some best practices.