NextDent LC-3DPrint box for Dental SG

Hi all,

Does anyone has experience with the NextDent LC-3DPrint box? We’d like to use it to post-process models made with the Dental SG to assure biocomp and I would like to have some feedback. If I am right this box is currently recommended for this use.

Can it be used for other FL resin types? I have read in the IFU there is a fan that is activated if the temperature exceeds 33°C and the machine stops if above 45°C…

I know the form Cure might be a better fit and useable for other types of resins but we need it quickly…

The NextDent LC-3D is currently what we’re recommending for curing DentalSG, and Form Cure will ensure bio-compatibility as well. If you need a curebox in a pinch, the NextDent is a great choice!

The NextDent curebox allows for temperature control and will be usable with other resins though some tweaking of curing profiles might be necessary for best results.

Thanks Frew. I guess if it cannot reach higher temperature I’d just need to leave it for a longer time in the box.

Wavelength of light, intensity of light, and temperature are all factors that influence how long a part will take to cure. The NextDent LC-3D Curebox does use different light wavelengths and intensities so it’s difficult to generalize what changes to make between Form Cure and the NextDent box. Given it’s ability to properly post-cure DentalSG, it will almost certainly be compatible with each of our other resins but modifications will need to be made to the curing process.

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