Lightbox2 - Dental 3D Agency - details

:information_source:The Dental 3D Agency finished the Lightbox2 and i’d like to share the details with you, because these box works amazing!

:movie_camera:You can watch a movie of the Lightbox2 in action on instagram: dental3dagency_

:bulb:Lightbox2 - Dental 3D Agency
Technical details: 230 C, 50/60 Hz; 350 W
Dimensions: L x W x H: 35 x 32 x 48 cm
UV chamber: 12 lights each 18W
Timeclock: individually programmable 1sec. - 9hrs.
Temperature controller: 0C - 80C; automatic switch of the cooling with achievement of the preset temperature
Application for: all light-curing materials; especially for the cure of biocompatible materials, which are suitable for sterilization in the autoclave
Material: stainless steel
Price: 2.261€ (Pre-order available):spiral_calendar:( just contact us:
More details about Dental 3D Agency:
So, what do you think about this Lightbox2❓

Highly overpriced.


Do you know a cheaper lightbox and if so, who offers one?
All comparable devices in Europe for the Dental branche have a similar price or are a lot more expensive!

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There is one on the forum with a front opening(which in my eyes is a bit more practical) and they happily ship to Europe.
What is the benefit of having a box specifically for dental as a general box does the same thing but only costs ~500 bucks and is made out of the same materials?


I use it daily in my dental lab… works great.

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$2500 is very expensive for a curing box.

I own a CureBox (same as @David_Maillot) and it is awesome. Use it every single day, for dental materials and 3D printing. $500. There is another curing box that has been discussed on this forum as well: The XYZPrinting UV Curing Chamber (, goes for $380 at Walmart online.

What makes the LightBox2 $2000 more expensive than the CureBox? What features does it have that the CureBox does not have?

My favorite post cure unit comes from ESPE, and has a 2-stage vacuum pump, along with the lights. Beautiful results. Maybe the Lightbox2 is built to allow vacuum evacuation to reduce the oxygen inhibited layer. The problem I see is that those stainless wall won’t withstand much vacuum compared to a thick glass chamber.

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WAY too expensive. Please remember that this is just a tool for the finish! You guys should invest more time in a cheap and clean post cure chamber. With “clean” I’m talking about no trashy boxes or cans with aluminium foil and hand-wired LED everywhere. And of course not 2K€. LMAO



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Alright, you find a lot less expansive lightboxes, but our intension is the biocompatibility! So for this, I took a screenshot from the formlabs website to show you the conditions you need to have. This is mostly about hardening Dental SG. Our Lightbox2 complies with all the conditions and is able to harden Dental SG and guarantee the biocompatibility! This is our intention!