Dental SG Resin, no color change


I’m using Dental SG resin, but I’m not seeing the yellow -> orange color change that’s supposed to happen after post-curing and sanitizing. I’m not using a Form Cure, but rather a bio-safety cabinet with a UV light and then autoclaving. I assumed that the high autoclave temperature would take care of the needed post-cure heat. Any recommendations for how to get the color change without a Form Cure? Also, anyone know to what degree the bio-compatibility is hindered by a lack of color change? (NOTE: I am not using these prints for dentistry)


The heat should be applied AS you expose it to UV. ( Ideally, the lights should come on After the part has achieved the proper temperature )

Heating the resin AFTER it cures has less effect on its properties, because the resin is already cured by the UV.

DentalSG needs light and heat together for a full post-cure, and the lack of color change likely means that the parts aren’t being fully cured. Parts that don’t reach the recommended curing specification cannot be guaranteed for bio-compatibility. There’s an instructions for use document on this page that you should check out for minimum cure specification.

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