New resin tank fogging / resin curing to vat

What’s acceptable fogging for these tanks? I haven’t even used half a bottle of Black 01.

Now im at 200ml wasted trying to get this part to print for a customer… given the size of the print the fogged bit is a unavoidable.

My I’ve checked my mirrors many times. its about the 4th time this has cured in the same spot. Right after the software upgrade I had to move my build platform down one notch because a part didn’t stick.

I’ve printed about 8 large parts just before this mess started happening with zero failures

Basically, how are returns handled with this issue? Every single print I did prior to this project has been large, using most of the build area. So it’s not for lack of spacing out prints. Just after the first failure the spot has been growing and getting consistently worse. These tanks should last 2 bottles of resin, I haven’t gotten through one.

Could it be a laser issue? I have a tank for cheapo maker juice I can test out.

Starting a new print using Makerjuice in my old designated MJ tank. (I’ve printed over 1 liter so far when I first got the printer so I didn’t waste anything expensive for cartoon shapes. Double what my brand new tank with FL black01 started failing at)
Using the full size and print new print orientation.
Notice how much resin is lost if something fails half through…

The Black01 has contaminated the new tank.

This is a print off MakerJuice at 100 micron off an old tank I’ve spent over 1.5 liters .

My brand new tank is just fucked!

I love the sharpness of FL of Black 01 … But the tank with the proper resin has shown half the life advertised.
Also I mixed grey/green/black in the makerjuice tank… because they use the same settings.

I mean i bought a new tank and high quality resin for a reason. While MJ is not as sharp. It is way out performing Black01 with a new Tank. I’m pissed and really want a new tank…

That black 01 resin is probably pretty old. I’ve had my Form 1+ for about 2 years and the Black 01 resins were not available from Formlabs back then. All it takes is some settling of the resin or really old material and you won’t be happy.

I’ve had the opposite experience. Maker Juice destroyed a tank and failed prints after about 10 small prints. Not worth it for me when the Formlabs resins will go for about 2L of resin before the PDMS clouds up and fails prints. Not to mention the smell…

Can you not just make the head and body seperate prints? Print them seperately, less likely to fail that way. Or if you want to save resin can cut the head off and splice it on the other print :wink:

Are you printing at 0.25?

The resin is quite new.Purchased the tank and resin about a month again.
I’ve been printing at 50 micron to save on time because of all the recent failures.

I suppose I could separate the model. But the fact that this new tank has become useless in about half bottle of resin compared to my old tank using a cheaper resin, is quite upsetting

Edit: I printed this entire statue just before the software update (I only opened the blinds for this picture, printer is never in light)
As you can see all the parts are quite large and nothing failed. Then I updated the software, had a failure… and since then nothing would print near the failure spot.

You could try reinstalling previous version of preform. I have definitely had much better prints with older versions of preform. I noticed that print times are shorter in the newer versions.

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How would I go about finding older versions? I’ve read similar issues regarding the update.

if you do a search someone posted a link here. I have a version from January. Testing it now to see if there is much difference.

So after a couple more failed prints. finally got a good one

Cleaned the galvo’s (again)
The main mirror
Downgraded to an august version of PreForm
Down scaled the model so it completely avoids the fogged area and placed it toward the back right area of the tank (a perfectly clear area)
Reset the build platform to default . (No fine tuning enabled, only did this for the newest version of preform due to objects not sticking)
I’ve decided it’s the resin tank. I’ve wasted about half a liter of resin trying to find the cause of failures.
Basically the resin vat worked 1/4 of the advertised 2 liters before failures. nearly half a liter wasted.

As you can see this is a usable object. But there are still imperfections

The tank could have worn out due to the large prints being printed in the same area. Might be good to split your prints up and spread them around the tank. I also got better results from splitting models up and re orientating.

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