Tank life with black resin setting

I printed in grey until the black came out. Now that I am almost through the black bottle I get the feeling the models that were black left more clouding in the tank. I assume the black resin requires more laser power to cure, leading to more UV damage on the PDMS layer. Has anyone else noticed the effect? Or am I seeing it because I am looking for it?

I am replying because I would like to know also. I think I was told the black resin cures more slowly.

I was suspicious that the black was more prone to clouding the tank because I started getting some prints with some pieces missing. I finally got fed up and dumped all the resin in the tank after a long print and wiped the silicone with the scraper to make sure everything got off from the bottom and there was no more resin left. I then added all fresh black resin in the tank, and now it’s printing great again.

So my new suspicion is the black resin is more prone to “partial curing”, where you get an increasing amount of resin which doesn’t behave properly inside your tank. OR probably more likely, when you get some partially cured solid particles inside the black material, it’s harder to see and you keep printing assuming nothing is wrong, when you realistically need to filter out your resin.

Just make sure to mix/move the resin in the tank every time before you print.