New printer - performance tests and impressions

@RocusHalbasch, yeah this one really caught me by surprise, especially after the failure. It really is just shy of being perfect.

Your request for measurements doesn’t seem like a joke at all. For a test piece it actually makes perfectly good sense! What is curious is that the “ledge” of overcure is actually to spec… 21+/- 0.05mm. The rest of the body all the way to the end ranged from 20.85-20.95 circumferentially with a few outliers a few hundredths greater or lower.

@EvanFoss, Yeah I’m happy with this one :smile: All these laser threads got me nervous but now I’m feeling a bit better!

@Annino Those measurements sound good to me, though a little odd that only the overcured part is the right size. That gives me hope they can get my printer up to good standards. Thank you so much for doing these tests, and sharing. We really needed some info on when things go right to balance out the view of the whole picture.

very nice prints @Annino - just to copy @RocusHalbasch - thankyou! together with @SachaGloor results it gives us a very clear picture of the difference in F1+ laser output.

@RocusHalbasch, @KevinHolmes, No problem, glad to help!

Did the 50% scale test with the flat parallel to the platform and it came out PERFECT, albeit with visible layers since I did it at 100um. I ran one half at full scale and it also came out very very nice. Since all the supports touch that flat surface, there is a bit of cleanup and filing required, but that is a small sacrifice I am willing to make to get the rest of the part so perfect.

One thing I did notice is that the support base takes up nearly all the build platform… and thus the force required for the peel is very high. So high, that you can visibly see the build platform deflecting down at the front right corner with the resin tank during a peel, and the peel motor working under significant stress. Everything goes back to normal after the base is complete, but I was surprised to see so much deflection.

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