New hybrid resin mix


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monger - great work - can anyone tell me the material properties of the b9 cherry red with the grey?

Is  the mixed resin final part softer like wax, than the standard grey.  I like the details of your results, but am making prototype parts that get some light handling and light function testing.  Just curious if the red makes them softer or more delicate, or weaker?

thanks -Phil


Sometimes my mixed resin parts split (I think from trying to warp post printing) and sometimes they seem to seep long after. They definitely have alot more flex when first made but eventually harden up.



The mix is a little softer than the grey resin, but gives sharper details. Never had any problems with parts splitting or warping.


Can you tell me the temperature in °C for casting> burning the resin?


You can convert Farenheit to Celcius here:


Hey All !!

Did someone tried the cherry resin alone with the castable setting in preform ?



Thought about it. Haven’t had time to try it. I have a feeling it won’t work though. The b9 resin (or at least part of it) seems to cure using visible light, not just UV, so the Form1 just cures the uv part of the resin resulting in a very grainy print. Unless you add some formlabs resin into the mix, then it works very well.

Before you ask…Haven’t tried mixing formlabs castable with b9 resin either.


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Does the B9creator printer use a different light than just the UV out of the projector ?
If I red correctly from all your experiences the best mix for quality and cast will be the 25/75 mix (clear/cherry) ?



I can’t be 100% sure, but I believe it does cure at a spectrum that falls towards the visible light. Not just UV.

I was not able to cast any of the resin mixes successfully. Read it again :wink:

If you’re printing with the form1+, I would stick to the formlabs castable resin. It gives the best detail and casting for me so far.

Those resin mixes was just an experiment to see if I can increase the amount of detail I was getting out my prints, but they were not castable.


Thanks a lot Monger !


Just a bit of B9 red resin feedback. I followed this thread 1.5 years ago and went with the grey and red mix and ended up happy with a 60/40 mix respectfully. Several months later I am now casting after printing with clear and red at the same ratio. I tried the castable blue and it does not give me any better results at twice the price. The red and clear mix gives me a great print and flawless casting and I am saving a ton of cash.


Just as a side note, if you are not getting good results with our castable material…please make sure you are following the attached instructions.

Castable-Tutorialv4.1.pdf (2.9 MB)


Hi there we tried using envision tec resins and it did not work.


Hello everyone,

I would like to ask if you guys have any idea of which photoinitiators they use in Spot-E resin. Thanks in advance!


when do you use that resin what is your selection of the resin from Preform program?
Is open mode has choice for resin drop down resin selection?
Could please let me know?