New hybrid resin mix


Hello all,
Does anyone have experience with mixing tough with clear (white,grey or black is also fine). In a 4/1 mixture app.
I would like to have a mix that is tougher then the clear (more flexible) but not as flexible as the though.
I’ve now made a small mixture and have uv cured it without the printer. This seems to work just fine.
Does anybody has an idea on the machine settings. Or should I just try the tough setting?
Any opinion is welcome.
Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:



this is a 50/50 mix, and it works great for my requirements.


@ ChristopherBarr
is the 50-50 mix of tough and clear with Form1 or Form2? Do you use toough, clear or other settings?
Thanx for the input.




caveat: I heat the resin to 45c with a custom in-tank heater.


Are all of these tests being done in open mode? I would really like an open mode with more options! I’d like to turn on the heater and wiper, I’ll watch the fill manually.