New Form 1+ printed clear perfectly, switched to black 02 resin and nothing prints

After printing several models in clear I switched over to black 02 resin and now nothing will finish without short supports and resin cured to the PDMS. I tried printing simple parts that printed perfectly in clear without success. My tray is brand new like the printer and I have only had it 1 week but I have used FDM printers for a couple years. What is different with the black that now I have gone through almost half a liter of black and have not completed one single print. I love the Form 1+ since my clear print were beautiful.

Does it still print clear ok after the black? Are you using the same tank as clear for the black or you mean completely new tank after the clear?

I have not tried going back to clear yet. Spent most of the time trying to get black to work. Nothing changed except the resin. I cleaned out the tank of clear and added the black to the same tank. I only got this machine a week ago today and was very happy with how it was working. I will try clear again. Although I did get a simple cap about 2 inches in diameter to print perfectly in black. Maybe orientation and support structures need to be adjusted for black resin???

ok that could be your problem. Order a new tank and put black resin from the bottle and try that. I would scrap the resin and the current tank as you may have contaminated the black with clear. Also order a separate tank for clear. Best to never mix the resins. You could have also damaged the tank silicone pdms layet when you cleaned it, so best to get new.

Thanks for the help. Like I said I just received my Form 1+ last Wednesday. My extra tank comes tomorrow. I never read that different resins required separate tanks. I removed all the clear but I never got any good prints of the black. I believe I saw in some posts that the PDMS may be affected by different resins. Is that the reasons separate tanks are required?
Ok so moving forward, I ordered some white resin which arrived today. The print just completed, in the same tank, and it came out perfect. One of the same that I tried in black. A second white print is running now and looks great.

So after printing in white resin and cleaning the tray switching to clear resin, no problems printing. everything looks beautiful and perfect. Switch to black resin in a tray that’s been working perfect for clear and white … failed prints. And what I get is, after standard cleaning and even additional curing under UV, are tacky and have rough surfaces.
So question is … Could I have a bad batch of black 02 resin??? I triple check the settings for black 02 resin, the print resolution is set at 100 micron, same parts, same orientation and position. I even tried re-orienting the parts and still failure with flat blobs and only partial supports printing. I have used up more than half a liter of black 02 and have nothing to show for it!

Bad resin?

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