New firmware features: mesh for removing parts and level sensor calibration

With the latest firmware 1.5.15 come two nice features:

  1. Print hexagon mesh for removing objects on tank surface. In less than 6 minutes it creates even and thin mesh over the print area, you grab one end of the mesh and it peels easily from the bottom, including all parts stuck to the bottom.

  2. Calibration of resin level sensor - very useful feature!
    After calibration the printer level sensor becomes more precise and avoids using excessive amount of resin in the tank. In my case, after the calibration the printer used the resin from the tank instead of pouring new resin from cartridge.

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seems like the noise level while printing went down drastically no?..

do you experience the same issue I have with PreForm not recognizing the updated firmware? I had to update the firmware manually …


I still see the parasitic resin curing effects (artefacts on surface facing to build plate and especially around the support points), can’t say are they less or more. But by knowing when and how they appear I can orient the object and mitigate them.

Actually I witnessed the same - PreForm was not recognizing the new firmware and I had to download it manually. I’ll file a bug ticket for this issue.