New Cap on new resin cartridges

So I just opened a new Gray-pro cartridge and was disappointed to find this new style cap there using.

Luckily I save all my old caps & nipples so I just swapped it out.

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It’s not a new cap. They had a temporary shortage somewhere in march and had to decide not to ship any resin, or ship it with a different cap.

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Glad to hear that as these caps could be very troublesome.

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I just received such a cartridge, September 2020. I need to dig up my old cap.

Me too in august 2020.
The flip caps are much much better than these regular threaded ones.
I don’t understand how come they keep shipping them. It’s a recipe for disaster if someone shakes a cartridge and forgets to screw them closed first.

I just bought a Form 3 and received a new cartridge with a screw cap as well. I was surprised, as all the videos online, as well as the animation/depiction on the Form 3 interface, show the flip cap. Additionally, there was a fair amount of leakage inside the sealed plastic bag in the cardboard box, which caused me to have to wipe down the outside of the cartridge before inserting it into the printer. I believe this would be largely avoidable with the flip caps. If this is intended to be a permanent shift in manufacuring and/or packaging method, I think it needs to be reconsidered.

I’ve seen flip-top cartridges leak in the past. You would be best talking to support about this.

They both can leak, but at least for the flip top ones, you can see if they’re open. I also don’t like the screw caps.