Beware leaky twist caps

Just a quick PSA: Be careful about storing cartridges with the new twist cap upside down.

I’ve received a couple cartridges over the last several weeks that leaked from the twist cap. One of them arrived with resin all over the inside of the bag (and Support did a great job quickly sorting me out).

The other cartridge didn’t leak as bad, and I suspect it occurred while I had stored the box it was in upside down for a couple weeks. When I cleaned it up, I was surprised to find the twist cap was actually on quite tight.

Both leaks occurred while the cartridges were still in the unopened, factory-sealed bag. Both were manufactured a few months ago, so for all I know it’s possible Formlabs has already corrected the problem. (Since I haven’t yet heard about anyone else running into this I’m guessing it’s not a widespread issue).