Nefertiti bust

Hi. I rarely post what I print here even though I’ve been an operator > 1 year. I printed this a few weeks ago. I like to print art and personal projects when my Form is idle from real jobs. This is a work in progress.

Also, ironically, there is a new theory about Nefertiti’s tomb, today!

“Has Nefertiti’s tomb finally been found?”

About this print … It’s from captured data performed by a museum curator (although I do my own laser scanning as well).

It was printed at 0.05 mm. I’m sure I could have pulled out more detail on the necklace, but it was suitable for my time available on my bot between jobs. Yes, it has mineral oil on it in this picture. I had just run it through some post process (i.e. bath & sanding). It’s also to help protect it, since right now it’s in a public area where people might handle it. The next step is to paint it as per the original bust … or possibly electroplate it.

If you’re wondering about the stand, it’s a repurposed trophy stand. I have about two dozen of these which I acquired free.

Here the original piece:

Here is the museum scan process for those interested:

I am an avid buff of ancient history. This particular period of ancient Egypt was an intriguing one to me.


Here are high resolution photos of Tutankhamun’s tomb (which is now currently theorized to be that of Nefertiti’s resting place, only repurposed later, for the boy-king):

I believe it is highly likely that her migrated tomb will be located nearby, as proposed by this new evidence. I find it fascinating that it took so long to propose this. Egyptians sometimes work on a different time scale with their archeology and what they allow and don’t allow, it seems. Wonder what methods and latest technological tools they will use to uncover the potential mystery and how it will pan out?

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Thats really cool! I’m also an art history nerd so I love seeing the conservation process. I think I took around 5 art history classes in college haha.

Also I love that they’re using Stargates to scan objects these days :wink:

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Great print! As you’re a regular user, can I ask how reliable your Form 1+ has been? Really want to get one, but reliability is putting me off. That and replacement tanks!! Thanks

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Hi Adam. What kind of reliability concerns do you have, specifically?

I typically have successful prints 99% of the time. Granted, I am very familiar with software, hardware, and processes … but it’s very rare that I will have error come off the Form1+, or if it is … it usually operator error, and thus a learning opportunity.

Bare in mind that I do not operate a printer farm, or print 24x7 like some might do … but my prints are varied, and I have done some complicated geometries. I’d be happy to answer specific questions, and be very candid about responses. scottjanousek AT gmail DOT com if you want to be discreet.


Hello Scott,
want to share with you and the Form1 community the latest project I’ve done about Nefertiti statue.
A friend of mine bought, time ago, one of the limited series’ piece that came directly from the high resolution 3D scanning and 3D printing performet by the replica Workshop of the National Museums of Berlin (2011). The Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation has planned a limited special edition of 100 replicas of the Bust of Nefertiti: some of them were painted, other were casted in white gypsum. One of those I got in my hands to scan with David Structured Light Scanner.

The copy was scanned into 25 single scans, aligned and fused, all into the scanning software.

The file was edited and printed at 20 cm heigh and a cuttted area of the face at 1:1 scale. The scaled version was printed into 3 pieces, the face into 4. All glued with same resin. surface sanded and no finishing, just sanding and IPA cleaning.

Hope you like.
Best regards,