A Painted Obelisk

I just had a great result I wanted to share printing a model of Cleopatra’s Needle  ( http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:20271) and then painting it with a flat white Krylon Fusion spray paint.

Attached you can see the object in clear and with its new coat of paint.  The Krylon Fusion really works very well.  I’ve found that you do need to wait a bit, though, for the object to fully dry before you paint it to get the best results.  Other than that, I just do two (thin) coats to make sure I get good coverage without covering up the fine details.

Could you upload the .stl file to your original post?

Hi Martin…I don’t have access to the software to know the printing time.  How long did it take to printing that object?

Mark, click in the thingiverse link that Martin posted to download the file ( http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:20271). Great print Martin… Amazing the detail the Form1 can produce.

This looks great! Congratulations!

I would be more than happy to get some information about this manufacturing. Can you tell us the layer thickness and the time to do this?

Thanks Martin and keep up! Your posts are the best!

Martin, great model and print. The pre-painted clear print would be sweet with a directed light at the base.