My last experiment aka "Iron ideas"

Hi All,
I’d like to forward my last experiment with Clear resin (printed with Form2).
I’ve added a spring, a screw and a washer with some post processing experiment.
What do you think about? Any suggestions?

Have a great weekend,


The spring and washer are empty areas in the skull area?
Interesting, what where you trying to achieve?
Nice artwork, how did you polish the sufrace?

Well, all the objects are real and merged inside the skull. I was inspired by
The surface is finished with send paper (800/1200/2000) and coated with transparent spray paint.

Muito bom seu trabalho !!

what resin do you suggest?
I work with alot of clear epoxy from Peters but it is necessary to degass it extensively, and it has to be injected carefully. If it is poured or not vacuum degassed bubbles result. I use this for conformal electronic components but for arty stuff obviously another approach should be taken.
An idea from Peter Brown’s video is with
clear polyester casting resin from Castin Craft

That particular brand is expensive outside of the USA but there will be local alternatives.
I will give this a try soon!

It’s printed with Clear V2 on a Form2, the only I have.