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Elephant head


I wanted to make my own designer toy and this is the result.

Printed at 0.005 inch layers clear resin. Sanded, primed, airbrushed, clear coated.


What is mineral oil?

Sorry, I cant get the orientation of the top photos right :confused:


This is AWESOME.  Great work.


yup, fantastic job!


Awesome! Such an art piece,  and the surface finish is the best one I’ve seen on form1 prints. Love your design too,


That is one of the best paint jobs I’ve seen on a Form 1 part. Looks amazing. Well done.


Thank you very much guys!


Very nice.  were you using a dremel to sand/buff?


Thank you Lucas.

No Dremel. I wet sanded by hand from 220 grit, 600 and then 1200 grit. After the gloss coat I got the ‘polished’ effect by just rubbing it with a fine cotton T- shirt.



Out of curiosity…is this a holder for something or just a super cool art piece? It looks like it might almost be a very abstract speaker!


Hi Jory, great to hear form you and thank you again for a great experience solving the problems I had.

Making it into a speaker is a great idea, I will keep that in mind! Im into the whole designer toy scene and had a recent toy release through Kidrobot. I got the Form1 to make my own prototypes and small runs of designer toys to sell and this was the first!




My pleasure!

Checked out your website and you have some really neat stuff. Keep up the awesome work.


Thank you Jory!


Very nice work! :slight_smile:

How have you been able to get a so transparent horns after the sanding/polishing? Also my transparent resin is turning to the yellow/green color after some time. I would like to keep it as clear as possible.



Thanks Thomas!

The clear parts does have a shade of yellow in it, you can see it in the first few pics. The last few ‘beauty’ shots has been desaturated. I did try to keep the yellowness down by not having it in sunlight for too long after printing. The protective clear coat should protect it from colouring more.


The paint job looks great!

Yep; for maximum glossy transparency (and to keep it that way even in the sun), a clear gloss UV-resistant acrylic spray is always recommended.

Also, your tusks look a lot like the light pipes in the light pipe design guide article that just went up on the blog, so maybe future elephants will have glowing tusks? :slight_smile:


Amazing work!

You’ve inspired me to try and print a sculpture of my own :wink:

Question, is there a reason why you chose clear resin? Would you have been able to achieve the same finishing with grey?



Epic print!


Thanks again for the kind words guys.

@Isaac - The grey resin only came out while I was printing this. Also I wanted the eyes and tusks clear. I have not worked in grey but I dont see why it shouldnt work.


Thanks Colus, Im already doing some test prints, will post some stuff soon :wink: