Crystal-Like Polished Clear Resin Octopus

Some photos of a polished Octopus Sculpture using Clear Resin MK I, software: 3DS MAX.


Wow! Nice.
How did you polish it? Considering the size and detail?

Thanks Ante! Lots of patience and lots of elbow grease -along with various grades of wet-dry sandpaper and Novus plastic polishes.


Impressive amount of effort! :smile:

Wow! That is really striking! I’m amazed at how you captured all of clarity in all of the fine detail. Great photography too — do you have any in-process photos you can share? Those are always fun to see.

Not to mention the actual model is amazing… nice.

Thank you Sam! Thank you Christopher!

Awesome model and finishing. Bravo !

Thank you Cyprien!

Wow! What did you do to clean up the tiny details like the eyes and such? Did you use the wetsanding paper for that as well? Nice work!

Hi Richard,

Thank you. To be honest, the most important thing is getting the modeling correct. With that done, the printing goes much smoother and in the case of this model, there was not much clean-up work, especially around the eyes. Just some wet sanding overall and polishing with Novus plastic cleaner.

Is it safe to assume you printed this model at 25 microns?
Nice model and finishing work, btw.

Hi David,

Thank you. Yes the model was printed at the 25 micron setting and took about 14 hours on the MK I.

This really does look fantastic @ericwang! Must have been the most horrible job sanding all those curved edges. Especially the suction cups! You did a wonderfull job though. Did you give it a clear coating after sanding or did you use some other things we might be able to learn from?

Thank you @Alex_Vermeer,

It wasn’t that bad sanding and polishing, just required a lot of patience. various grades of wet/dry sandpaper, Novus Plastic polish system, microfibre cloth.

That’s pretty nicely done then. I must be doing something wrong because i’m don’t get anywhere near that glass effect without a “wet” spray. Guess i’ll have to try it out. thanks