Any Luck Protecting Clear Resin Pieces?

Hey Everybody!

I only recently starting using the Form1, and I am concerned about the yellowing of pieces over time. I had hoped to use the clear pieces as is rather than painting them. Is is possible to protect the pieces with UV- resistant varnish or spray? Has anyone had any luck with this, or know how long it may last? I’m sure without constant re-coating it may eventually yellow, but I would hope that it could be held off as long as possible.

If anyone has any suggestions on varnishes (artist or industrial) let me know! I’ll probably be doing a few tests here myself anyway…

There is another thread in this forum, somebody printed a elephant sort of bust and beautifully finished it with black and clear coating. The clear coating was UV-blocking, so something that would preserve the clear look of the hardened Resin.

Just found the thread while typing:

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Cheers for pointing me to that thread Etienne! Unfortunately Colus mentions he edited the photos, so it’s hard to tell how yellow everything got before it sprayed or how it held up after, but I have asked how the head in now and hopefully it’ll give me some clues as to the best way to protect my pieces!

I may have to just do a load of tests with different sprays and see what happens!

I’ve used a UV protecting acrylic spray that I got at the craft store, and it definitely slows the yellowing, but I haven’t done any long-term tests.