Prehistoric Mollusca printed with form2


Its time to post photos of three prehistoric mollusca models:
Each model 50 cm long. Even the eyes are printed.
Modeled in zbrush, hollowed in meshmixer, printed at 0,1 mm
With this new form2 I had not a single failed print since 2 and a half month - and I printed a lot and most prints are large.
For my organic models a great printer.


Holy cow. I’d be interested in the making of. How long did the modeling take you?


Astonishing models, prints, and painting! Save some talent for the rest of us!


HI Philipp
Those Mollusks are actually very simple to model. The shape of the body is not very complex. They have a shell, a body, and one arm that is copied and rigged ten times. So it does not take very long to model it.


looks great! was there much cleanup?


These are stunning. The models are beautifully painted (and photographed)! Would love to see in-progress photos of the digital models and unpainted printed parts. I am glad to hear that the Form-2 prints reliably (mine is due in March!) Thanks for sharing.


what is much? 1 hour or 5 hours? I think was two and a half hour per model.
Sorry I don´t have photos of work in progress.
Here is a screenshot of the digital Trachyceras.


Sorry, I meant did you have to do much of work filling and sanding the print? Particularly around the supports areas?


Would you be able to show a screen cap of your preform support setup? :slight_smile:


sanding the support area is not a problem. Much more work is to go the parts together and sand the seams.
Here screenshots of the supports of some arms.


That’s a nice setup. Did the prints come out perfect first time?


yes. perfect first time. Not one failed print since two and a half month.