Smithsonian mammoth and custom support file

Here is a pretty successful print for a complex model from the Smithsonian archives.  I added some custom supports and some other fixes so it would be less fragile. Let me know if you test it out!


Download the form file here:


first, I believe of many, to say: awesome!

This looks amazing!

Very cool : )

Super nice

have u tried the crab, it’s awesome!!!

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Almost no layering on that print, impressive, can´t imagine how that would look on my Makerbot 2. I´ll receive the F1 in February…

Very cool! I’ve been working to get a version of the mammoth ready that’s printable via Shapeways while I wait on my Form1 to arrive. It’s great to see someone else doing it too!

Hello, nice model! I have tried to print it, brand new resin tray and resin (first print) but the result is not like yours :frowning:

Thats strange, maybe I can add a couple more supports to that leg and upload the file.