Big Yoda and lttle Yoda…  with a little chrome paint…

The level of detail is amazing.

Toe nail clipper is great for removing supports.

Nice prints!  I like the mech the best.

I wish more people would post photos of their prints, it makes the time go by faster waiting for my printer.    : /

Great idea btw with the clippers, I was going to try an exacto knife but the clippers sound faster.


Good day Tim,

would it be possible to share your .form for the egg, I was wondering what kind of supports got generated:

did you had supports crossing the structure/inside the holes?




I did have several supports that crossed all the way thru but they were very easy to access and remove.  The support posts  “tip in” at the top making it pretty easy to get to them for removal.

My only wish is that I could manually add and subtract supports and add supports at specific locations…

I don’t have the form file but I can send you the STL…

Awesome prints! I’m curious how much resin did your large Yoda use?

I don’t remember how much resin but it was under 12ml…