My resin filter

After a few prints, or after any failed print - I dump the vat through the attached filter jar. When I pull the vat out, I always pull it out into cling-film to cover the base and prevent fingerprints.

Where’d you obtain this? Is it for sale somewhere, or did you build it yourself? if so, out of what parts? (=

Also, did you print the case? That looks like it might be the black resin.

Thats cool. I use a plastic fine strainer from a cookware shop to do the same thing. :smile:

It’s home-made.

  1. white plastic tub with screw top
  2. black duct tape wrapped around tub
  3. thin aluminium sheeting cut with scissors and glued into cylinder with araldite
  4. wire mesh from kitchen sieve cut with scissors and glued in with araldite

I use a 190 micron paint filter. Works amazingly well and has improved my print quality radically.