Recommended additional supplies with new Form 2

I recently purchased a Form 2 and have printed on it twice successfully.
As I set up my work area with tools and supplies, I wanted to know what else would be recommended beyond an abundant supply of paper towels and alcohol.

I have seen the mesh paint filters, and wanted to know how those are used. Whats their purpose?

Always good to be prepared. Thanks!

The paint filters are used to filter the resin in the tank. Under normal circumstances you shouldn’t have to filter your resin all that often, however it is imperative to filter it after a failure. Any little bits of cured resin that may be floating in the tank can cause further failures.

Most of us have bought standard 190 micron paint filters (aka strainers). They can be purchased from Amazon, Harbor Freight, or any local paint or hardware store. simply put the filter on top of a cup, pour the resin through the filter, then back into the resin tank.

As far as other items, I have various grits of sand paper (100, 200, 400, 800, 1200) as well as mineral oil for finely polishing prints. I am also near a running water source for rinsing. I’m sure other people will chime in with other items they have used, anything from go-pro cameras to dremels, painting supplies, etc.

Edit: Oh and don’t forget UV Post-Curing setups!

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I have a spray bottle filled with cheap denatured alcohol (hardware store gallon) that I use to clean my work area after every print. If you don’t spray things down regularly the whole area will become a sticky mess. I use microfiber towels for cleanup.

200 ct. gloves

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I guess it helps to say what I have:
Pliers of all sorts for cleanup
Jewelry filers
Proper UV cure box (made from ikea box on forum)

So I was wondering about other supplies
Novus 1
The strainers
Lint free cloth

Thanks for any suggestions!

Yep, I have some just in case. I used it once when someone (OK me) accidentally put his dirty palms all over the bottom of a resin tray and it caused failures.

Yep, they are helpful for cleaning the mirrors/glass/etc of your printer should you run into optics issues. I’ve used them a couple times when I removed the resin tray while leaving a dripping platform above…oops.

Also have the gloves, pliers as well as a couple of razor blades and an X-acto knife.

Lastly some disposable respirator masks. Used as a precaution when dry sanding…i dont like the idea of breathing in the dust from sanding.