Cleaning debris in tank after failed print

After a failed print I have small debris in the tank. I was able to clear the large pieces but many small pieces remain. How can the resin be cleaned?

You should be able print a cleaning mesh if you have a form 3.

My wife had a little stainless-steel screen strainer in her drawer of kitchen tools. Not a colander, only about 3" in diameter. For sifting flour, I think. But it makes a great strainer for resin, so that’s what it’s used for now… Something the size of window screen will do a decent job of filtering out the smaller flakes floating in the resin.

I think most people use paint strainers like this:

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Ther resin is so viscous, I found those kinds of strainers to be painfully slow to use. Like a Ketchup commercial. Which is why I raided my wife’s kitchen cabinet…

You can get these in various mesh sizes and of course the flow rate varies accordingly. I’ve got some 400 micron as well as a finer grade (I can’t remember which right now, they might be 125 or 150 micron). I’ve not really had an issue but then I guess it depends on how much of a hurry you’re in!

190 micron mesh filters like the ones in your picture above get a lot of use at Formlabs, with a few people occasionally using 125 micron filters for some special cases.

I’ve got a fine sieve on a cheap lab stand with a funnel underneath. I put the cartridge under the funnel spout (with the lid off !) and pour the tank resin in then leave it for a bit to drain though. I’ve never needed a really really fine filter.

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