My printer is destroying a piece of small lumps on the creature

Why is this happening? I want to know why. Small powders

and demolition of the model have appeared.

How long have you been using this resin tank? How many liters of resin have been consumed by this one tank? Have you ever filtered the resin?

It is a replacement of the resin tank one time using two cartridges of white

It’s almost certainly used up if you’ve put two liters through it. The solution to your problem is probably as simple as “replace Resin Tank”. The resin tank is a “consumable” item. It wears out and must be replaced on a regular basis.

thank you but my 3d printer another problem happen …

Maybe we’re having a language problem…

I am almost certain there are two things happening with your printer.

  1. the resin tank has been used for 2L - this means is it nearly worn out. Resin tanks only last a couple of liters. There is some variation because it depends on what you print. When the tanks wear out, they can have small “pits” (tiny holes) in the surface. Also the resin tank bottom becomes cloudy. This causes the laser to diffuse, and that results in failures in the print like I see in the pictures you have posted.

  2. You have had a print failure. Print failures leave particles of cured resin mixed in with the resin in the resin tank. When you get a print failure, you need to filter the resin to remove the particles. Sometimes the particles will be large “flakes” you can lift out with tweezers, sometimes the particles will be small and you must filter through a screen to remove them.

If you put a new resin tank on the printer, and you filled that resin tank with new resin, you would not have the problems you see now. But after a couple of liters of resin you will start to see the problem again. The problems you see are not because anything is broken. It is just the way the printer works.

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