My first print... hairbrush alpha version

Finally unpacked printer and tried my first piece: a folding hairbrush, designed in OpenSCAD.  Clearly an alpha version, the hinge needs more play, it does not work yet.  Here a link to a short video:

Try adding a touch of common lithium grease to the hinge.  It seems when the cured resin rubs against itself, it makes a sticky dust that makes moving parts bind up very tightly.  When I printed a planetary gear set ( a while back, I found that the tiniest amount of grease made an enormous improvement to its movement.

Andrew, thanks for the advice!

I am not quite there yet, I am trying to print in one piece, and I set the gap in the hinge too small, so it fused together.

Don’t know yet what the minimal gap can be.  Any hints on that greatly appreciated!!!

That looks like it came out pretty well, Axel. You’ll probably get the tightest tolerances if you print the parts separately and snap them together – though I can see that that might be pretty tough with that geometry. We get good results with those kinds of prints, when using a gap of at least .5mm or so.

Here a brief video on latest working hinge.  Now a little too much play, I think. 0.5mm gap, as suggested by Sam. I also changed the bristles, made them skinnier, and rounded on top.  Note, I only printed a sub-cube of the full brush to focus on the hinge and don’t waste resin…